Wealthy Widow Forced to Give Portion of Estate to Adopted Child She Gave Up

May 29, 2013

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Many years ago, a wealthy New York Widow adopted a young Chinese girl. Ten years later, however, she gave the girl up for re-adoption. Now, recent reports indicate that a judge has ordered Christine Svenningsen to give her former daughter a portion of her $250 million estate.

In May of 1996, the Svenningsens signed adoption paperwork stating that the girl, Emily, would be treated as their biological child. The paperwork further stated that they would not abandon Emily or put her up for re-adoption, and that Emily would have a right to inherit the estate of her adopted parents.

The Svenningsens gave Emily up for re-adoption in December of 2004. They stated that Emily was a difficult child that did not bond with their five biological children. She was surrendered to the Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children.

Luckily, another family adopted Emily. Emily’s second family has stated that they believe the Svenningsens gave up Emily for the sole purpose of keeping her out of their estate plan. Based on this belief, Emily’s new adoptive parents sued the Svenningsens to recover a portion of the $250 estate on Emily’s behalf. The lawsuit was successful, and Emily will receive a portion of the estate.

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